Container transport binder

Product classification and scope of application:

Suitable for bundling and safe transportation of cargo in containers. This product has been widely used in chemical, food, electronics, electrical appliances, cigarettes, medicine, auto parts, beer drinks, modern logistics and other fields.

Advantages of the cargo binder:

1. Automatic winding function can make the goods more tightly and tightly to prevent loosening.

2. The binding device can be reused more than 30,000 times, and can be easily removed from the tray for easy maintenance and replacement and reuse.

3. Simple operation and easy to use, no longer use the wrapping film and other bundling straps or ropes.

4. The manual structure can easily release the lock function for easy cargo unloading.

5. After use, the strap can be automatically rolled up for easy storage.

The binding length of a single bundler can reach 3.8 meters, the maximum load-bearing tension of a single bundler can reach 580KG, and the maximum bearable impact force can reach 450KG • 2.5CM.

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