● Automatic rewinding and bundling function can make the goods more tightly and tightly to prevent loosening and ensure the safety of goods transportation and storage.

● Instead of winding film, bundling tape or rope, etc., greatly reduce the cost of the enterprise.

● The binding device has been used more than 20,000 times, and can be easily removed from the forklift, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement and recycling.

● The manual release mechanism can easily release the lock function, which is convenient for cargo unloading.

● The bundler can be automatically rolled after use, which is convenient for storage.

The advantages of using iron hook:

High strength, not easy to damage.More grip!

LB-3800WT installation precautions:

● The binding strap is installed on the right side of the forklift guard rail frame (the right-hand side of the forklift driver).

● The force help® circular label is facing upwards, and the strap case cannot be pressed when the strap is pulled out.

● When recovering the strap, hold the end of the hook to slowly retract the strap to the body. The hook cannot be released directly to prevent the hook from recovering and hurting people.